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  • Censtar LPG Mobile Station

    Censtar LPG Mobile Station

    Safety and explosion-proof
    The double-wall tank filled with explosion prevention system conforms to China National Standard. If there is accident like open fire, static electricity, shooting or lighting strike, the explosion and catastrophe won't happen. And the automatic alarm & control system can find abnormal condition in time and carry out emergency treatment.
  • LPG dispenser

    LPG dispenser

    Aerated process automatic control, double-sided automatic display and volume during the charging process, as the amount of gas and the unit price (shown with luminous).
    If power off, Has data protection, display the current gas data at a time.
    Mass storage, can query not less than 12000 times of gas data
    Monitoring system, monitoring the temperature of the filling process, flow, control air speed,When the pressure and flow more than set value, Close the valve automatically